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Registration is now OPEN!

Register now for the Best Price!

The 2014 Marin Century is on Saturday, August 2, 2014. 

For detailed information on the ride, routes, course markings, etc., see Ride Information in the Menu on the left.

Entry Fees*  (Reg. Early, Prices will increase....and we do expect to sell out!)
Course* to 3/1 3/1 4/1 6/1 7/1 
  Child/Teen (<18 yo riding with parent)  $10  $10 $10   $10
  50K (30 miles) $45 
$50 $55  65 
  100K (60 miles)
$90  100
  200K (135 miles)
$80 $90 $95  105
  Marin Century (106 miles)-Traditional
$80 $90 $95  105 
  Mt. Tam Century (95 miles)-Climbing $75 $80 $90 $95  105 
  Mt. Tam Double Century (200 miles) $95   $100 $105   $110   115
*Prices above do not include a service fee which most events charge to cover credit card processing and registration site fees.  This is 4-5%.
Marin Cyclists reserve the right to change any rates, any time.

Problems with registration?  Contact after reviewing information on the Century.

Other items available via online registration (prices & availability subject to change):

  • Jerseys: $63 Before the event (includes tax and shipping)
  • Shorts: $57 Before the event (includes tax and shipping)
  • Valet Service $5.95 (see details below)
  • Marin Cyclists Membership $20
  • Carbon Offset $3 

Registration Open/Close Dates

Registration will open in late February or early March.  Returning riders will receive an email announcing registration is open.  Registration will close when our cumulative rider limit is reached.  See Rider Limits below.

What's provided (subject to change):
  • One of the most scenic, best support rides on the west coast!
  • Fantastic rest stop food options
  • Hot post-ride feast - in the past this has included BBQ chicken, pizza, Chipotle burritos, vegetarian lasagna, salads, fruit, Eat My Cookies, Haagen Daz ice cream, locally produced Gelato, drinks, and more.
  • Water bottle (for those not opting out)
  • Water resistant color map
  • SAG support from experienced cyclists and assisted by Marin Amateur Radio Club - crucial in our hilly terrain
  • Sorry, no tee shirts...but we do offer (optional) one cool cycling kit - jersey & shorts by Voler or Primal.
  • There is no formal lunch on the course as there are plenty of food options at all major rest stops...and the post ride feast.  Double Century riders will have burritos at the midpoint of their 200 mile ride.
  • CHP patrolled course and assisted lane closures for rider safety
  • Post ride expo, music and a great place to relax & celebrate with your friends
  • DC riders will receive Valet Shipping Service free


Please note that the Marin Century does not offer any refunds for registrations.  Like most athletic events, we have a no refund policy. 

Your registration fee covers our cost of food, energy drinks, water, route map, support, sag and sag supplies, water bottles, patch kits, Red Cross, permits, contracting rest stops, rest stop equipment & insurance. Ride Goes Rain Or Shine. 

If you do not show up for the ride, take comfort in knowing that your funds is going to a good cause.

The registration is transferable (unlike most athletic events). In the menu to the left, click Registration then Transfers.

The Marin Cyclists Bicycle Club is a group of bicycle enthusiasts who love to ride and in return gladly volunteer to roll out the red carpet for you. No one gets paid. We keep enough money in the bank to dig out if we lose some money on a ride but the rest is given away to select bike-related charities, sponsorships and concerns. 

Ride overview for those NEW to the Marin Century

There are 6 ride options from which to choose. All 6 rides have some hills to climb but as long as you have done some training and are reasonably fit, there should be a challenge here for everyone. Please note however, that the Mt Tam Century and Mt Tam Double Century are technical, climbing centuries with long ascents and rapid descents and should only be attempted by competent, experienced riders. All rides start and finish at the same location, however since this is not a timed event, there will be no official "start time." There will be a initial start for the Double Century riders at 5am. With other rides going off from 6am - 9am. We encourage participants to gather and ride with old friends and new groups for added safety and fun. Please review the specific check-in times for your ride.

All the rides go through the best scenery in Marin. From the rolling hills, to Mt Tamalpias, to the Coast and back, there really is no better way to enjoy this part of Northern California than on this well supported, group ride. Each year we focus on putting on an enjoyable, safe ride. This year you can expect more CHP at major intersections aiding with traffic and bicycle safety. In addition we provide detailed course maps, well marked turns, and SAG/Safety vehicles for unexpected events. It is however the responsibility of the rider to have a well maintained bicycle, all necessary repair equipment including a pump, extra tubes, sunscreen, and enough power gel and water to make it between aid stations. Riding in a group is suggested, and helmets are always mandatory.

It is a requirement that riders obey all traffic laws. That means STOPPING at all stop signs and riding single file. CHP will ticket and has ticked before. Riders also need to watch speed limits. CHP has and will ticket riders for speeding.  Also, iPODS or other MP3 or Radios if headphones are worn while cycling are extremely DANGEROUS and the rider may be cited by CHP! For your safety and the safety of others, don't use your iPod while riding!

Riders should complete the course between 12 noon and 10 pm, with most getting back from 1 pm-5 pm. At the finish of the ride there will be outside rinse-off showers available. Also, each rider will receive a fantastic lunch for which the Marin Century is well known.  Last year's meal included BBQ Chicken, Pizza, Chipotle burritos, Salad, Fruit, cookies by Eat My Cookies, Haagen Daz ice cream, locally produced Gelato, drinks, and more. Friends and Family can purchase a meal ticket at the event.  This is a festive, party atmosphere including music, videos and the Marin Century Bike Expo showcasing cycling related products and services, both local and national.

There is a lot of information regarding this event on this website. Please familiarize yourself with the information that you need. If there is a question that you can not answer with the information on this site, you can contact

Complete ride descriptions and maps are available in other sections of this site.

Cutoff Times

There is a HARD Cut Off time for the Double Century riders of 10:30PM.  See additional DC cut off times on the Double Century Page Anyone on course at that time will receive a DNF, WILL NOT earn Triple Crown credit and be asked to be SAGed in.

Group and Team Discounts

For larger groups of riders from a company, cycling team or organization, a group discount may be available. Contact for specific information.

Rider Limits

Cumulative registration limit for the 50K, 100K, 200K & 100 Mile is 2900 riders. Please register early to guarantee your spot. 

The 200 Mile Mt. Tam Double Century is limited to 300 riders.  Double Century riders are encouraged to register early.  There will be a strict limit to the number of DC riders. 

Registration Confirmation

After registering, riders will have the option to print out their registration.  This contains your registration confirmation.  PLEASE print this out for your records.  Riders will also receive a confirmation email.

Valet Service

Two weeks before the big ride, we will mail your rider bib number, route map and jersey if ordered. Head straight to the starting line – avoid the check-in area and RIDE!  

This service is available (until July 13), for a fee to cover postage and handling.  All Double Century riders receive Valet Service as part of their entry fee.  Double Century riders registering after the cutoff date will be required to check-in before riding.

Riders that signed up for Valet Service and do not receive their packet by July 28, should email us at  Please confirm you did select and pay for Valet Service before emailing us - Thanks.

Meal Tickets

All course food and post ride lunch is included in the price.   Friends and Family can purchase a meal for a discounted $10 on site.  Its the best post-ride meal in Nor Cal!

Mail In Registration

We're sorry, being an all volunteer operation it is simply not possible to handle mail in registrations.

Changing Route after Registering 

  • There is no fee for changing to/from the 100-120 mile routes.
  • Please review the table above for the cost.  
  • From any ride to the Double Century -  Please review the table above for the cost. If we have filled all of the spaces for the Double Century, upgrading will not be permitted. 

All Checks should be payable to Marin Cyclists at P.O. Box 2611, San Rafael, CA  94912 and must state your name and route change.  Thank you.

The Marin Cyclist Bike Club and the Marin Century Ride Director reserve the right to refuse entry, disqualify or remove anyone from the course for reasons of the their own safety, for the safety of others, for violation of any rules above or of the California vehicle code or for any other reason including the well being of the rider, other riders, the ride or the Marin Cyclist Club. The ride director decision is final! 




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